How big is Dolores?

Dolores is not petite... she is approximately 9 feet wide by 18 feet long by 10 feet tall. 

How old is Dolores?

She is a baby and was conceived from scratch and birthed in 2017 to be a photo booth.

I see Dolores has a smoke stack/stove pipe, is that functional or decorative?

Yes, if you would like this at your event she has a fully functional smoke stack/stove pipe.  It uses a water based non toxic solution to produce the "smoke".

What type of camera does Dolores use?

A professional digital camera with a full size sensor.

Who takes the photos?

Dolores if fully automated.  The photos are taken and processed electronically using advanced photo booth software.

What type of printer does Dolores have?

A professional dye sub printer that prints your pictures in about 8 seconds. 

Do we get to take home digital copies from our event?

Yes, we offer the option of putting all of your copies on a USB for you to take with you.

How much of a deposit is required to reserve my date?

We require a $100 deposit to reserve your date.

Does Dolores have heat and air conditioning?


Do you charge extra for set up and tear down time?

No.  Set up and tear down are included in your rental.

How far will you travel?

Dolores is mobile and can travel, please contact us with your event location for details.

Do you provide props?

Yes.  We have a lot of fun hats, glasses, etc for you and your guests to adorn. You and your guest are also welcome to bring your own.

Will my photos have a custom designed header/footer?

Absolutely. We will customize the photo to reflect your event.

Does the rental include a photo booth attendant?

Yes.  Your rental comes with a minimum of one cheery attendant to assist with your event.

Can we choose color/black & white?

Yes. We offer the option of color or black and white for your event.

Do you provide a copy of the images?

Yes.  Your guests will leave with one 4x6 photo or two 2x6 (cloned) photo strips, depending on what option you choose.  

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards.

How do I reserve Dolores for my event?

To reserve Dolores simply go to Booking Inquires and fill out the inquiry form or email us at or give us a call at 805-910-7877 (SUPP) or 408-205-7186.

How is Dolores powered?

Dolores is powered via a standard 110 outlet.  If one is not available she can be powered via a generator for an additional charge.

Are prints unlimited?

Yes, during a private event prints are unlimited.

Can Dolores be inside or outside only?

Yes, Dolores can be inside or outside but we need appropriate access.